So you want to be a picker? My tips and suggestions.

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 So you want to be a picker? Here are a few   of my tips and suggestions from over 10   years of picking.

 First - know what you are getting into and   commit to it. I started out part time, on   weekends because I had a full time job. I also had a car, the love of old stuff and I loved the TV show American Pickers!! What more do I need?? NOT!!!!

There are so many areas of picking to get into - antiques, vintage, new or simply resellable items. Each area has it own categories also. Antiques are different from vintage. (I explain in another post) Do you want to do both? A Picker is different than a collector and both look for different items and different prices. A Picker will look to resell (and keep the good ones!).  So let's assume you want to be a picker.

Have up front cash? Where are you keeping all your "finds"? Got a place to clean or fix them? How will you sell? On line, flea or antique markets, antique shops that consign? If you resell, you will need to register with the state to collect and pay taxes. A business bank account is recommended also. What about advertising or marketing your finds?

Oh - I almost forgot - a car won't hack it! (trust me!) A truck is ok, but if you plan on overnight picks you wont want a open truck - or if the weather turns bad - rain could destroy them! So you will need a van.

Have I discouraged you yet?  I hope not - There is a good side! It is so much fun and you meet incredible people. What I call "dirty picks" is the best!! Digging through old dirty barns is where you find the best stuff!!

 Do your research, talk to other pickers and get   to   solidly know your products, what sells, what   your   customers want is key. This is a great   business,   but remember - picking is a   business, otherwise   you are a collector. 

As always - "Keep your head on a swivel and always be pick'n!!"

- Doug


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