Antique Enamel Trinket Pin Tray

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DESCRIPTION = Tray / Bowl / Dish, hand enameled, made of Glass, with bronze rims & leaves and gadroon edges. ITEM = Plate / Shallow Bowl / Dish / Tray / Ashtray / Vanity Tray / Catchall / Trinket Holder Decorative Collectible, Candy, Pin, Nik - Naks, Jewelry, Ring, Card Tray, etc. AGE = Circa 1950 MAKER = Maker is "Elegance Evans". SIGNATURE / MARKS = Marked on the back side with a crest with Elegance across the center and Evans below it. Under that, it reads hand enameled. SIZE OF TRAY = The tray measures about 8" in diameter and is about 5/8" deep. WEIGHT = 122 grams CONDITION = In excellent condition with only the slightest signs of use. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN = France & USA TWO LEAVES ON DISH VIDE-POCHE A receptacle for the contents of the pockets when the dress is changed or removed for the night. THE GUILLOCHÉ ENAMELING PROCESS It is a common mis-perception that the term guilloché refers to a TYPE of enameling when the term actually refers to a PROCESS. Guilloché, phonetically pronounced gee-oh-SHAY, is from the French word meaning "engine turning". It simply means "engine turning patterns" and refers to an ornamental pattern. Guilloché patterns can be seen in neoclassic architecture and banknotes ( in an effort to deter forgery). The technique as it pertains to jewelry making involves carving a design into a base metal. Evans: United States. Established as the D. Evans Case Co. in North Attleboro, Mass. in the early 1920s. Manufacturing compacts as early as the 1920s. Famous for their mesh bottomed compacts and their guilloche enamel. At some point in time, they became a division of Hilsingor Corp. of Plainville, Mass. Disappeared after 1965. At Vermont Picker 802 we sell Antique, Vintage, and Unique finds! See our website for all our products. Follow us on Facebook - @VTPicker