Antique Persian Camel Double Saddle Bag Pannier 1930's

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Pannier is a word from old French meaning a basket ( a pair of baskets) hung across the back of a pack animal for carrying goods In this case my pannier is a woven blanket not a wicker basket as nomadic people had little contact with vegetable fibers and used woven bags (kep) to transport their possessions. Pannier-bags (khurjin) are common to every group. Woven as one long textile, the ends are drawn up to the center and sewn creating pouches. The size of the woven pannier depends upon the animal : camel, horse, mule and the goods to be transported. The underside, which is not seen, is usually plain in pattern, while the folded sides are decorated with traditional patterns. This is is very colorful and embellished with dozens of colorful tassels and long dark tassels at the ends. This method of embellishment is widely used on animal trappings, which sway with movement. Tassels may be simple or very elaborate made from wool, horse or camel hair or even silk. The use of tassels as embellishments dates back to Egyptian times ( and probably much, much older). This is a beautiful rare piece and will need some repair and cleaning. This was probably made in the 1930's although I havre bo proof of that. Most I have seen and researched that are similar are from that era. Measures 18"w x 24.5" long on both sides At Vermont Picker 802 we sell Antique, Vintage, and Unique finds! See our website for all our products. Follow us on Facebook - @VTPicker