End Grain Cutting Board - Hand Made in Vermont

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This is a hardwood end grain cutting board, MADE IN VERMONT. Most cutting boards sold in stores are long grain. End grain is much harder then long grain and cutting boards made with end grain will last much longer then cutting boards made with long grain. This board is made exclusively of cherry and oak. The cutting board has been soaked in mineral oil to preserve the wood. This board should never be run through a dishwasher. Wood is a natural antiseptic and wiping it down with a warm / hot soapy washcloth is sufficient to clean the surface of the board. Eventually the mineral oil will be washed off of the cutting board and anybody who owns one of these needs to refresh the surface of the board with mineral oil. That is as simple as going to a local drug store and buying a bottle of mineral oil. Taking a dry cloth and either get it soaked with mineral oil and rub the surface of the cutting board. Or pour small amounts of oil on the surface of the board, allow it to soak in and if any remains on the surface wipe it off with the cloth. This would be a perfect cheese or onion cutting board as it is a little smaller then most. This board measures: 15 inches by 9 inches by 1 inches thick. All our hand crafted items are made by local Vermonters who take pride in their skills and the work they do.  This is the Vermont tradition and reflects in the quality of the pieces. Measures 15 x 9 x approx 1" thk- Follow us on Facebook - @VTPicker