Vintage Tuco Deluxe Puzzles Lot Of 3

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This is a nice collection of Vintage Tuco Deluxe Picture Puzzles Lot Of 3 Tuco was a subsidiary of The Upson Company which originally produced 3/16” wallboard for home construction. During the Depression when the home construction industry plummeted, The Upson Co. came up with the idea of producing cheap picture puzzles using the unused pieces of wallboard. The newly formed Tuco brand sold its puzzles for 69 cents at a time when its competitors were selling their products for over $3. Tuco’s extra thick picture puzzles proved extremely popular and by 1933 the company was shipping over 50,000 puzzles every day. It is said that the company survived the Depression period by cutting and marketing picture puzzles. Tuco produced their first picture puzzle in 1932 but, according the Anne D. Williams, author of Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History & Price Guide, the brand disappeared in 1983. At Vermont Picker 802 we sell Antique, Vintage, and Unique finds! See our website for all our products. Follow us on Facebook - @VTPicker