Vintage Unique Round Bottom Blob Top Bottle

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Rounded bases were designed to do the opposite of most bottle bases - to ensure that the bottle was not left standing upright. The point behind the rounded bottom was to ensure that the bottle was left on its side so that the wired down cork would not dry out and shrink allowing the contents to loose carbonation and/or evaporate (Riley 1958). The typical rounded base bottle was made of thick heavy glass and used for carbonated soda, mineral water, and in particular, ginger ale (Munsey 1970).

Round bottom & torpedo bottles were usually produced in a true two-piece mold where the neck, shoulder, body, and entire base (and sometimes all or a part of the finish) were produced by the two halves of the mold. As such these type of bottles are simply a rounded base version of the "hinge" mold discussed earlier and exhibit one continuous mold seam that runs from one side of the body, around the base, and then up the other side.

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